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Hot Spot Tanning is a unique tanning salon with nine locations to conveniently serve you in Middle Tennessee. At Hot Spot Tanning, our mission is to educate our clients about the benefits of UV light while reaching their ultimate tanning goal, whether it’s cosmetic or desire for a healthier lifestyle.

We offer all levels of tanning with cutting edge equipment, UV free spray tanning, and acne treatments with skin rejuvenation all to help you reach your ultimate tanning goal with a controlled environment.

Hot Spot Tanning is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer care. Thank you for voting us Rutherford County’s #1 Tanning Salon 13 years in a row!

Our president, Lyvonn Reese, received the Smart Tan Award for Outstanding Industry Achievement: Indoor Tanning’s Highest Honor! The Industrial Smart Tan Network, the professional association and educational institute for the North American Indoor Tanning Industry, gives the award to salons that are dedicated to professionalism and principles of smart tanning.

MYTH: “I’ve heard that indoor tanning is more harmful than tanning outdoors because the UV light exposure is more intense.”

FACT: People tanning indoors are exposed to a scientifically calibrated amount of UV light. When used according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s exposure guidelines (posted on each machine), tanning beds are designed to maximize tanning and minimize burning. Conversely, tanning outdoors is an unregulated environment. There are many factors that have to be considered when you tan outdoors: geography, time of day, weather conditions, the seasons, and the ozone layer. Remember the best way to safeguard yourself from sun damage is to wear appropriate levels of SPF sunscreens outdoors – even if you already have a tan.

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The Tanning Truth

“Chemical sunscreen companies pay Dermatology groups millions to misbrand chemical sunscreen as a daily-use product.”
“Dermatologists use UV light for the clinical treatment of psoriasis. Without tanning salons were closed, the cosmetic dermatology industry would gain up to $5 billion in phototherapy sessions.”
“If a pharmaceutical company patented and sold sunshine, the public message we receive about it would be completely different.”
“Saying that sunlight is harmful and therefore should be avoided is as misleading as saying that water causes drowning, and therefore we should avoid water.”
“A base tan adds another layer to your sun protection arsenal – making sunscreen worn outdoors even more effective.”

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